Intelligent manufacturing future digital enabling | Seiko electronic MES project officially launched

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On August 18, 2020, the kick-off meeting of the new plant digital production line (MES) construction project of Shandong Jinggong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the conference room on the second floor of the company. Xi Wen Ke, general manager of Seiko electronics, Wang Yong, deputy general manager, Zhou Zhonghua, Liu Hong, deputy general managers, and key users of relevant departments of the company, Zhao Yuehui, general manager of East China region of Siemens Industrial Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Siemens Industrial Software), Ma Yong, general manager of aoweipuli (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as aoweipuli company), etc And the project team attended the meeting.


  New journey·Information future

Informatization drives manufacturing acceleration. Wang Yong, executive deputy general manager of Seiko electronics, delivered a speech at the kick-off meeting. Mr. Wang said that in order to realize fine management and control the cost of production process, the company has continuously introduced advanced information technology and management methods in recent years, and gradually transformed from manual management to automation, informatization and intelligent management. The introduction of MES system will build an intelligent production platform for the workshop execution end, build a traceable management system, and improve the overall production management and control ability again; at the same time, Mr. Wang proposed that the MES system online needs the participation of all staff, and continuous learning and continuous improvement are needed to ensure the smooth launch of MES project.


 New changes, intelligent future

 Digital "intelligent" makes a bright future. Mr. Ke Xiwen, general manager of Seiko electronics, first expressed his gratitude for the support of Siemens industrial software and aoweipuli company. Secondly, Mr. Ke stressed the new changes in the new future. Seiko electronics has been practicing standardization and fine management. The production and management of the new factory area of the industrial park will be fully intelligent, digital and standardized. We should take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Siemens industrial software and aoweipuli Such excellent enterprises study hard and strive to build the MES system online into a benchmark project of Siemens industrial software and aoweipuli company, and finally achieve "three wins".


  New dream, innovative future

Innovation, change and opening up a new realm. Zhao Yuehui, general manager of Siemens Industrial Software East China region, fully affirmed the industry precipitation and technical strength of Seiko electronics. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhao said that he would fully implement the corporate culture of Siemens industrial software that "bravely take responsibility, be committed to innovation, and pursue excellence", and strive to make the best of Seiko MES project and contribute to China's digital development.


Win win cooperation to build a new future. Ma Yong, general manager of aoweipuli company, showed us the strong development strength of the project team; Mr. Ma mentioned that through the preliminary investigation and understanding, he had put forward the solution of adapting measures to local conditions for this project; Mr. Ma said that based on the opportunity of tripartite cooperation and the joint efforts of all parties, the MES project will be built into an intelligent manufacturing benchmark in the industry.


Tian Zhongxiao, senior director of aoweipuli company, elaborated the overall scheme of the project from the aspects of project background, project scope, actual plan, main structure and implementation guarantee.


  New empowerment · smart future

The successful completion of the kick-off meeting has injected new energy into the company's fine management. After the implementation of the project, comprehensive informatization will promote refined management and intelligent production, realize transparent production process, controllable quality supervision, traceability of product problems, intelligent analysis of data, etc., laying a solid foundation for the construction of "lean production, intelligent manufacturing, digital" workshop management system, so as to realize lean production and intelligent manufacturing.