The opening ceremony of Seiko electronic lithium battery purification project was a complete success

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 The scenery is good in July, and everything is flourishing. July 30th,Shandong Goldencell Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Lithium battery purification projectOpening ceremony in China's aerospace new energy industryThe park was solemnly held. Peng Tao, executive director of Zaozhuang high tech industry east zone Operation Co., Ltd., Ke Xiwen, general manager of Jinggong electronics, Zeng Xian'an, general manager of Shanghai Engineering Center of China Electronics System Engineering Fourth Construction Co., Ltd., Wang Fenggang, general manager of Nanjing marketing center, and more than 100 employees of cetc-4 attended the commencement ceremony.


Quality first Sincere and far reaching


Mr. Ke Xiwen, general manager of Seiko electronics, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He made great efforts to be open-minded and keep forging ahead. Mr. Ke first expressed his gratitude to all the government leaders and cooperation teams at all levels who cared about and supported the construction of the industrial park project. Secondly, Mr. Ke said that the project was of great significance. Seiko Electronics will adopt high-tech equipment, equipped with advanced technology and create a world-class production In the end, Mr. Ke stressed that our teams should cooperate with each other sincerely and make concerted efforts to ensure the high quality completion of the lithium battery purification project and set a new model for the industry.


Self cultivation  Craftsman's ingenuity


Zeng Xian'an, general manager of Shanghai Engineering Center of China power four Corporation, said that the project fully conforms to the development direction of the 13th five year plan of China, and will achieve win-win results from all parties. Meanwhile, Zeng introduced that China Power No.4 company has rich service capacity of lithium battery factory in the whole life cycle, and expected to jointly promote the upgrading of domestic lithium battery industry. Mr Zeng solemnly promised to complete the project safely, on time and with high quality Project construction, hand over to Seiko electronics, a first-class modern chemical plant.


A long way to go and a long way to go


A good day and a good time

Commencement ceremony of lithium battery purification project

be crowned with success

We are worthy of our time   The time has come

In this prosperous age  How to be proud

Keep going  The future can be expected

The future can be expected  Intelligent future