Enterprise training: special training on craftsman spirit and refined operation management

Published:2020.09.11 13:41 Views: Author:admin


Enterprise training is not only a strategic investment in the future, but also an important measure to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees. Through training, employees' knowledge, skills, working methods, work attitude and values can be improved and improved, so as to exert the greatest potential, improve the performance of individuals and organizations, promote the continuous progress of individuals and organizations, and realize the common development of enterprises and individuals.
In order to better enable employees to learn craftsmanship spirit, further improve the level of fine management and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, from May 14 to 15, 2018, Mr. Zhang Xiaoqiang from Haina Management College was invited to give us a special training on craftsmanship spirit and refined operation management.
This training mainly focuses on four parts: intelligent manufacturing, benchmarking, refinement and TCM. Teacher Zhang Xiaoqiang combined with a lot of practical cases to impart knowledge to everyone, and the staff from all departments listened attentively and took notes carefully.