Seiko electronics enters Xingcheng Street Central Primary School of high tech Zone to carry out activities of "welcoming June 1, offering love and sending warmth"

Published:2020.09.11 13:41 Views: Author:admin


On the occasion of the "June 1" International Children's day, Shandong Jinggong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and the Xingcheng trade union of the high tech Zone went into the Central Primary School of Xingcheng Street Office of the high tech Zone to carry out the activity of "welcoming June 1, offering love and sending warmth", and brought learning materials to poor students, and sent good wishes and festival care to primary school students.



During the activity, Mr. Wang Yong, vice president of Shandong Jinggong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., expressed his concern and ardent expectation for the children, encouraged them to study hard, be positive and strive to be qualified successors of socialism.

Finally, the student representatives who received the help spoke to express their gratitude to the company. The students have said that they will work harder in their future study and give back the care of the society with their excellent academic achievements.
We hope to touch the hearts of children with our warmth, let them feel the warmth of the society, and wish them a sunny, happy and healthy growth.

Shandong Seiko Electronics always adheres to the "people-oriented" principle, and regularly organizes spring outings, dinners, birthday parties, physical examination and other forms to enrich employees' life, so that employees can feel the warmth of the company's extended family after work. The company has organized many love donation activities to send the life "relief fund" to the employees of poor families.
Public welfare has only a starting point, and love has no end. We will certainly help more people and move people around us with charity. We believe that as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a better world.