Classification and advantages and disadvantages analysis of supercapacitors

Published:2020.09.11 11:55 Views: Author:admin


Conventional capacitors can only meet the requirements of circuit operation with simple structure and small load, but it is difficult to store charge for circuit with large load. In recent years, the popularization and application of super capacitor effectively solves the problem of high load circuit operation, and ensures the normal performance of power electronic equipment.
The advantage and disadvantage of a supercapacitor is not to be able to use it in every aspect. Due to the limitation of manufacturing technology, there are still some deficiencies in the installation and debugging of supercapacitors in China. Many devices have circuit faults due to blind use of supercapacitors, which affects the performance of the whole equipment. As a new product of capacitor, the advantages of super capacitor are greater than its disadvantages.
(1) Advantages. Supercapacitor is the upgrade of common capacitor device, which has many improvements on the early capacitor. The main advantages are: ① capacitance. The conventional capacitor used in the early stage has a small capacity, which can only meet the circuit demand of small load; while the capacitance level of super capacitor can reach farad level, which can meet the needs of more complex circuit operation. ② Circuit. Supercapacitors have lower requirements for circuit structure, and do not need to set special charging circuit and control discharge circuit, and the service time of capacitor will not be affected by overcharge and over discharge. ③ Welding. Ordinary capacitors can not be welded. When installing super capacitors, welding treatment can be carried out according to the needs, which can prevent the occurrence of poor battery contact and improve the performance of capacitor components.
(2) Disadvantages. Through the performance test of super capacitor, the author found that this new type of capacitor also has shortcomings. For example: ① leakage. The unreasonable installation position of supercapacitor will easily cause electrolyte leakage and other problems, which will damage the structure and performance of the capacitor. ② Circuit. Super capacitor is only used in DC circuit. This is because the internal resistance of super capacitor is larger than that of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which is not suitable for the operation of AC circuit. ③ Price. As the super capacitor is a new generation of high-tech products, its price is relatively high when it is just put into the market, which increases the cost investment of equipment operation.