The state may issue supporting policies for supercapacitor industry

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In recent years, China's super capacitor technology has been greatly improved and put into operation in the field of public transport and rail transit. However, due to the adjustment of national financial subsidy policy, the pure electric bus of super capacitor has lost the subsidy treatment of pure electric bus, and the market has been seriously compressed, which makes the newly started super capacitor industry suffer "heavy damage".
A few days ago, the Ministry of Finance conducted a special investigation on the super capacitor industry, mainly understanding the development situation, technical level and application of urban public transport of China's super capacitor industry, and solicited opinions from enterprises on subsidies for new energy vehicles. Market analysts said that the Ministry of finance's investigation may change the current super capacitor industry policy and remove "obstacles" for industrial development.
Give full play to the power of market and promote the development of supercapacitor Technology
The development and growth of an industry not only needs the strong support of national policies, but also needs to give full play to the power of the market. As the most effective market mechanism platform, the exhibition plays an important role in promoting technical exchange and cooperation and promoting industrial development. It is reported that the Sixth China (Shanghai) international super capacitor industry exhibition (cscf2015), China's largest supercapacitor exhibition, will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 26 to 28, 2015.
It is understood that this exhibition is expected to attract more than 200 domestic and foreign supercapacitor enterprises to participate in the exhibition, focusing on the latest achievements in the field of supercapacitors, including various types of monomer and combined supercapacitors, activated carbon, electrolyte, diaphragm, electrode, supercapacitor production equipment, accessories, testing equipment, etc. In addition, the exhibition website A free visit registration platform has been opened. Enterprises and individuals who need to visit can register online and enjoy the on-site green channel service.
Super capacitor leader will appear in China's largest supercapacitor Exhibition
As the largest and most professional exhibition in the field of supercapacitor industry in China, after five years of development, China's largest supercapacitor exhibition has accumulated a large number of high-quality exhibitors and purchasers. Foreign super capacitor giants such as Maxwell, nesscap, korchip, Vina tech, LS mtron, SAMWHA, CSR, Liyuan new energy, Shanghai Aowei, Neptune, Haite electronics, Jianghai Co., Ltd., fuhuade electronics, Zhaoqing emerald, bleida and other domestic well-known enterprises will appear on the same stage to show the latest super capacitor products and technologies.
In addition, China's leading electrolyte enterprises xinzhoubang and Jiangsu Guotai, diaphragm enterprises such as Chengdu Zhitian and Danite, activated carbon enterprises Yabi group and Fulasen, graphene enterprise carbon century, tanmei graphene of Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and equipment enterprises xingchengjie, Xiandao, mingruixiang and Shidai Gaoke will also appear at the exhibition.
Although our country started late in the field of supercapacitor and faced with many difficulties in technological innovation, it is of great significance to overcome it. Once the technology of super capacitor has made a breakthrough, it will bring great impetus to the development of new energy industry and create favorable conditions for the development of environmental protection in China.