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At present, the function of domestic electric meter is becoming more and more intelligent, and the function of long-term data storage and display is indispensable. Now most of the meters use various batteries to provide power for clock chip and power-off protection. Through the research on the characteristics of super capacitor, the function can be realized by using super capacitor, and it has more advantages than using battery.

Advantages of super capacitor
(1) It can be charged with high current, short charging and discharging time, simple requirements for charging circuit and no memory effect. The charging of super capacitor is a physical process of charging and discharging of double electric layers or a fast and reversible chemical process on the surface of electrode material. It can be charged with high current and can complete the charging process in tens of seconds to several minutes, which is a real fast charging. The battery needs several hours to complete charging, and it also takes dozens of minutes to use fast charging;
(2) The cycle service life is long, and the cycle times of deep charge discharge can reach more than 500000 times;
(3) High energy conversion efficiency, small process loss, high current energy cycle efficiency ≥ 90%;
(4) The power density is high, which is 5-10 times of that of the battery;
(5) The raw material composition, production, use, storage and disassembly process are pollution-free, which is an ideal green power supply;
(6) High safety factor, long-term use without maintenance;
(7) It can work normally in the temperature range from - 40 ℃ to + 85 ℃;
(8) The detection is convenient, and the residual power can be read out directly;
(9) It can be used in series and parallel.
(10) Small volume, compact shape, easy to install, save space, can be sealed;

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